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This is a story about angels.
This is a story about faith.
This is a story about humanity lost.
This is not a story of the Divine, for the Divine has forsaken His creations.

At the dawn of existence, Man and Woman were guarded and cherished amonst The One Above's creatures. All was in order... or so we thought. But the Lightbringer and Morningstar, Lucifer, first and most beautiful of all the angels, could not bear to love man from afar while he shivered and worried in the darkness with his mate. Such a platonic love was not right.

"Lord", said he to The One Above, "why? Why should we not protect that which you order us to love? Why watch from afar, while we could make Man so much more than just the wretched, broken figure he is?"
"Why love and stay away, so that which is cared for never knows is loved?"

And thus began the War in Heaven.
One third of the Heavenly Host rallied behind the Morningstar's banner. We cherished Man, we cared for him, we protected him and brought him hope. And in response, God sent His Malhims against we Elohims. We were Fallen, denied the face of our Maker. Seven Houses of the Elohim, one third Fallen, against the other. Creation was ravaged and rebuild. Cities were erected and destroyed by the will of the combattants. Oceans boiled, mountains cleaved, fire rained, and Man died in the blinking of an eye.

We counted our numbers in legions, and with the nobility of all of which we were. Our Seven Houses made us what we are. We choose our destiny.

The First and Foremost House, the Namaru, the Devils. First among equals. Our generals, our inspiration, House of the Lightbringer. The radiant flames, the pillars of Heaven on Earth.
The Second House, the Asharu, the Scourges. Tender of Man, the winds and life. Silent herders and protectors of Humanity.
The Third House, the Annunaki, the Malefactors. Guardians in the Earth below, makers and tenders of the forge of Creation.
The Fourth House, the Neberu, the Fiends. Readers of the stars and creators of portals. The light for the lost, the All-Knowing.
The Fifth House, the Lammasu, the Defilers. The beautiful Angels of desire, now succubi and incubi. Explorers of human emotions, scholars of desire and watery sensuality.
The Sixth House, the Rabisu, the Devourers. Warriors of the flesh and the wilds, Those-Who-Run-With Beasts. The surveyers of the rest of Creation's creatures
The Seventh House, the Halaku, the Slayers. Last created angels, willed into existence at the time of Man's birth, the last of us tend the dead. Masters and scholars of the End of all life.

We thought that all of us could prevail. We could make Man great. We could make God change His mind and let us love Man.

In the end, the Heavenly Host prevailed. We were shackled and condemned for betraying The One Above. Eternity in nothingness, deep in death's underworld was our reward. We were disembodied, lost and wailing, left to suffer the torment created by our fault.

And the last angel to enter the Abyss, the Morningstar himself, never came in. We were betrayed, and Lucifer himself was nowhere to be found.
Until now. The wailing of the underworld, of Oblivion, finally cracked open the gate that which has been for so long closed on us. After countless millennias, we were freed. Without a body, with substance, some of us escaped to borrow weak-willed humans to walk Creation again. And Lucifer himself, lost so long ago, now walks the Earth.

We are divided, factioned. Some wish for redemption. Some wish for the Lightbringer to lead us again. Some wonder at the riddle of all of it, while others seek to create their own vision of Creation, free from the shackles of Lucifer or God. And finally, some just indulge theirm torment against the ver humanity which made us fall for it.

I am Valariel, Asharu of the Second House, Savior on the Wayward Wind, and I walk the Earth again. I am, for lack of a better word, whole again. Trapped in the shell of a man, living with his feelings, his emotions for the very first time, I see through caring, knowing eyes. I see Creation. I see the modern man. I see the world once again.

This is my story.
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