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Fallen Angel Novel
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Everyone has heard of angels.
Everyone wonders about fallen angels.

Here, in this community... I will tell you all about one. Valariel, Savior on the Wayward Wind.

This is his story.


Cast of Characters (in order of appearance):

Valariel (Francis Patrick Moore), Scourge, Fallen Guardian Angel, Savior on the Wayward Wind
Arthur Brooks, criminally insane serial killer, formerly in custody, now at large.
Akriel (Eric Lawson), Fiend, Watcher of the Sky
Naho Seqil (Carmelia), Malefactor, Angel of Craft, the Fell Knight of Ormadüdiek
Lyriel (Darryl Shank), Slayer, Angel of Death
Father Joachim Weslesley, Catholic priest
Gorrek'Tran (Gravis Dane), the Ravenous Devourer, Demon of the Flesh
Ferijzai (Aaron Pierre, Blue Coat), of the House of the Devils, Fiery Fallen Angel
Justine Faille, Awakened mortal
Alain-Jacques Simon Lemouelic, Journeyman of the Order of the Arcanum
Special Agent David Gries, FBI
Fanen N'Ganasha, vampire scholar
Daniel Laflamme, vampire, NYPD Inspector